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Antequera is elegance

Antequera is elegance, simplicity, and at the same time it represents style. The logo chosen represents a creature of the sea is a magical place that symbolizes the purification, the life, the force and the renaissance, why Antequera

You are you! It's me! We Are Us! ...


The jewels are made of stainless steel, Waterproof, resistant to water, sweat, the pool, and makeup. The jewels silver does not oxidize over time and does not change color stays as it is while the jewels of golden color, it is recommended not to use them in the pool or at the shore of the sea so as not to spoil the plating over time.

The parts of the accessories are hand-made, therefore they are unique and limited. Each one is different from the other, with pendants in different positions according to my taste and that is the guarantee that it is a handmade product. The detail in wood, with the incision of my brand is the proof of the craftsmanship of the products. The jewelry store also some pieces are unique and therefore stock is limited.